Old Reuben

Old, leathery carny in worn overalls and check shirt. Always has a lit cigarette.


Reuben has worked the carnival for his entire life. Settling down wasn’t his thing – didn’t like the restrictions of the American Scream and his youth saw too much trouble. So he skipped town and joined the carnival fifty years ago. Since then he’s seen everything.

No sir, nothing surprises him. He wants to keep with the carnival as long as he can and stay healthy as long as he can. Some days getting out the trailer can be hard as hell but Reuben has built up a small nest egg hidden in seven different checking accounts.

One day he’ll just up and leave. Until then, he’s a carnival man. He’ll play a cheery hustle – he doesn’t mind the constant travelling. He’s worried zbout some of the company he keeps but hell, he’s known some of them for years…

Old Reuben

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